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Community Equity-Activity-Stream

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Community Equity is a social value system for Online Communities and Social Networks. It has been developed by Sun Microsystems Inc.  as part of their internal social community platform called SunSpace. In June 2009  a public version was open sourced.


Use Case Scenario


  1. Aggreates the  social activities of a user from you social applications
  2. Calculate the social value for people, content and tags
  3. Display the social values for people, content and and tags


Implemenation Scenario


1) Activities  from users are consumed via

  1. Activity Streams ( e.g. Facebook, Cliqset, status.net)
  2. ATOM feeds (e.g. Twitter, Blogs,)
  3. WebServices API (Glassfish WebSpace Server, Liferay, Confiuence)

2) Community Equity Vakues are calculated

  1. Person Equity
  2. Information Equity
  3. Tag Equity


3) Equity values are provided trough  Widgets and WebServices




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