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To Do

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on March 3, 2010 at 4:47:51 pm

This page captures tasks that need to be completed in order to advance the ActivityStreams effort, and begins with a list started by Rob Dolin.


Things that we must have for an implementer’s draft

Description Assigned Status Target Completed?
Move details on location activity context (ASms Schema spec section 3.3.1) Monica Keller
started 1.1 
Finish RSS TODO (ASms Atom Extensions spec section 5.2)   started  1.0 
Finish Security TODO (ASms Atom Extensions spec section 9)   not started   
Object-type for Review Monica Keller
Website design @messina started 1.0
Get IPR agreement signed off @messina started 1.0
Register <http://purl.org/syndication/atommedia with purl.org for ATOM Media @robdolin   1.0


Things that we should have for an implementer’s draft

Description Assigned Status Target Completed?
Wiki page listing implementers @RobDolin
in progress 1.0 
Associating custom text with an <activity:verb>   not started   
How to represent “via” or other source information @jpanzer (maybe) + Monica @messina
started  1.1 
Object-type for Folder @RobDolin
not started  1.0
Object-type for Product @jck5 (Jason Kahn)
started  1.0 
Object-type for List @jck5 (Jason Kahn)
started  1.0 
Wiki page suggesting best practices for de-dupe’ing @jpanzer (maybe)  + Monica
not started   
Proper categorization of verb and object type pages in folders Monica not started    


Things that would be nice to have for an implementer’s draft but could potentially be delayed to a v1.1 or v2

Description Assigned Status Target Completed?
Some way to represent a Rating  Monica started
Merging person representation from <activity:actor> → <author> @jpanzer (I need this in 1.0) @willnorris started  1.1 
Gaming-related verbs and objects   started  1.2 
ActivityStreams Historical perspective @ronin691 completed 1.1
Create a TextMate style for ActivityStreams   not started ?

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