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The verb post should be used to describe when an actor publishes an object to a place where others can see like somewhere on the web. Publishing an object usually involves either uploading the object or creating the object online. This is the default verb we use when no specific verb has been specified. For more information see: http://martin.atkins.me.uk/specs/activitystreams/activityschema#post




Because all of the object types are social objects at this point they can all be posted to draw attention to their creation. In addition to being able to post any object we can also specify where it was posted or what is has become a part of. To support this we use the target construct to describe the collection object.


John uploaded a picture "First Day of School" into album "Elizabeth's Photos"


When you use the verb post you are assuming that the actor owns the object being posted. If this is not the case you should use Share. For subsequent saves use Save


  • MySpace - Publish
  • Facebook - Publish
  • Cliqset - Publish and Consume
  • Windows Live - Consume
  • Yahoo - Consume
  • Google RTS - Consume
  • And many more who do not use activitystrea.ms yet 


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