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The note is a short-form text entry. This Object type is intended for use in "micro-blogging" and in systems where users are invited to publish short, often plain-text messages whose useful lifespan is generally shorter than that of an article or weblog entry. Link to atom spec: http://martin.atkins.me.uk/specs/activitystreams/activityschema#anchor8


Property name Type Required Property Description JSON field Atom field RSS field
content string yes  The entire note. Usually about 140 characters   atom:content  
owner object no  Author of the note if different than activity actor userid for now but needs to be global atom:author  
id string yes Unique id for the object. Must be different than the activity id id atom:id  
url URI yes Permalink to the note. Usually allows commenting on this page and shows existing comments links[0] ? atom:link rel="alternate"  
published W3CDTF timestamp no Time the note was created published or time ? atom:published  
updated W3CDTF timestamp no Last modification time updated atom:updated  
source object no     atom:source  
related links array no Related links links atom:link rel="related"  


What is the URI for the object? Most URIs will be in the form:




If a note contains links as most of them do the publisher should include them in the related links array. Also if the note is a status update then the Status object type should be used.

Open Questions

  • How do systems distinguish between a user posting a note, a status and a bookmark ? A status should not have links but how to distiguish between note and bookmark
  • Many of these have media associated with them how is this represented ? Does using thumbnail make sense for this ?


Twitter, Buzz, MySpace, Facebook, Windows Live, Cliqset


Who maintains this page, or should be contacted if there are questions or feedback?

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