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An Article is a discreet piece of written prose that is acts as an independent portion of a publication such as a newspaper or series of blog posts. The article object provides a description of the article, so it may not be necessary to provide the full contents of the article in an activity entry. If you are already syndicating articles in atom or rss the only element you need to add is the object type at the entry.  See implied activity for more details.


Property name Type Required Property Description JSON field Atom field RSS field
title string yes Title of the article displayName atom:title  
summary string no Snippet or summary on the article summary
content string no Full content of the article content
owner object no Entity who wrote the article if different than actor. Usually the object type is a person userid for now but needs to be global atom:author  
id string yes Unique id for the object. Must be different than the activity id id atom:id  
url URI yes Permalink to the article in html
permalinkUrl atom:link rel="alternate"  
published W3CDTF timestamp no Time the object was created published atom:published  
updated W3CDTF timestamp no Last modification time updated atom:updated  
source object no The source feed   atom:source  
related links array no Related links links atom:link rel="related"  

Related Verbs


What is the URI for the object? Most URIs will be in the form:



Monica shared an article "Women in Technology" written by Kevin Marks.


Specify the author of the article using the actor construct inside the article if different than the activity actor. Specify the date inside the object if different than the published date.


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