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In the context of activities, a person is a user account. The person object is used also to represent the actor of an activity if the actor is a person. For the spec section see http://activitystrea.ms/schema/1.0/person 


Property name Type Required Property Description JSON field Atom field RSS field Microformats Class (hCard)
name string yes  The display name for the user displayName atom:title and poco:displayName   vcard.fn
first name string no First name of the user   poco:givenName   vcard.given-name
last name string no Last name of the user   poco:familyName   vcard.family-name
username string no Handle for the user   poco:preferredUsername    
location Place no Where the user lives Add "location" or "address" context:location   vcard.adr
id string yes Id for the user on that service id atom:id   vcard.uid
url URI yes The url to the user's profile page on the service links[0] ? atom:link rel="alternate"   vcard.url
profile picture string no Link to a generally small photo of the user used to identify himself/herself on the service   atom:link rel="photo"   vcard.photo
number of friends int no          
number of followers   no          
account creation date   no     atom:published    











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