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Meetup Notes 2010-03-04

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 12 years, 11 months ago

ActivityStreams Implementors' Meetup


  • Chris Messina
  • Martin Atkins
  • Monica Keller
  • Will Norris
  • Rob Dolin 
  • Beau Lebens
  • Dave Recordon
  • Kevin Marks
  • Tantek Çelik


7pm - 3am, March 3, 2010, Six Apart, San Francisco



  • Using PoCo in ATOM and RSS... Profile of PoCo in ATOM/RSS for use in <atom:author> and make use of <person> object {@wnorris}
    • use <atom:name> rather than <title> in <atom:author>...
    • the <object> model will still use <title> --> takeaway: author will be different than the object model
    • ATOM URI vs link-rel -> use link-rel
      • atom:uri is only used for <author> which seems like a weird mistake; therefore we shall only use link rel-alternate instead of atom:uri
    • need consistency in treatment of object and author...
  • <activity:subject> is the same as feed level <author>; remove from spec and simply reference <feed:author> in Atom spec...
  • What should we call the rel value for avatars?
    • rel-icon
    • rel-avatar
    • rel-profilephoto
    • rel-image 
    • decided: use REL-PHOTO
  • How should we credit sources?
    • decided: use a <generator> element in each entry... no need for service:provider
  • Dealing with location
    • use cases: where did the activity take place, place as object, where is the author, object...
    • decided: activity-level location is the only place to get the location of WHERE an activity took place
    • decided: location at the object level MUST NOT be copied to the activity level
    • location can be provided for author, object, activity
    • Todo: monica to update spec regarding location
  • Todo: mart to move RSS to appendix
  • Todo: Monica to add optional Rating attribute to Review (look to hReview)
  • Todo: For citing contributions we'll thank members of the Google Group and contributors to the wiki 

Action Items

  • Will Norris to present rewording of activity stream main spec

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