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TypePad Activity Streams

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TypePad is a publisher of both Atom and JSON Activity Streams for all TypePad users. These provide a machine-readable representation of the network-wide activity shown on a user's profile page.


TypePad's activity streams use the following verbs:

  • favorite
  • follow
  • join
  • post
  • share

TypePad's activity streams use the following object types:

  • article
  • audio
  • blog
  • bookmark
  • comment
  • file
  • group
  • person
  • photo
  • video

With some


TypePad's Atom feeds all support PubSubHubbub, including the Activity Streams feeds.

Example feeds:


  • TypePad exclusively uses link rel="photo" for userpics. rel="avatar" is not included.
  • TypePad eliminated legacy support for activity:actor element in favor of the new, preferred atom:author representation.

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