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This page captures the list of known ActivityStreams producers and consumers.

Please be aware that there are generally three different implementation methods to providing ActivityStreams: polling, push-based, and real-time/streaming.

When amending this list, please also link to the appropriate documentation or other relevant information for developers. If no public documentation exists, please make a note of this.


For each publisher, please link the name of the publisher to its home page, and also provide a direct link to an actual Activity Stream feed.

Hosted Services

These are services you can create an account on and which then host an Activity Stream for you.

  • Cliqset 
  • Facebook 
  • Gnip 
  • Google Buzz 
  • Gowalla 
  • Hulu 
  • MySpace
  • Opera
  • Socialcast
  • Status.net
  • Superfeedr 
  • TypePad 
  • Windows Live 
  • Yiid 
  • ... 

Indie Web

Independents who host their own personal site that supports Activity Streams, and what software they use.


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