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Process Status

Page history last edited by Peter Ferne 12 years, 7 months ago

As somebody coming fresh to the specs, and wanting to implement them, I find it quite difficult to work out what the current 'status' (in the sense of where it is in the process — nothing to do with status updates) is of verbs, object types etc. For example several of the wiki pages for verbs, e.g. LeaveUnfavorite and Unlike say "Status: exploratory", but most say nothing at all. I have to look at the latest version of the Schema to work out which verbs are in the 'core' a.k.a. 'base' schema. Some, such as Like give very misleading information. The wiki page says "Status: This verb is currently being investigated, and is not part of the core verb schema." Yet it is listed as part of the base schema.

Some notion of what the various possible states of acceptance are, e.g.

  • Proposed — Under discussion for inclusion in the base schema
  • Core — Accepted as part of the base schema 
  • Rejected — Considered and rejected 
  • ...? Maybe that's already "the simplest thing that could possibly work"? 

And a definitive list of which verbs, and object types, are in which state (or ProcessStatus) would be a great help. IMHO this is absolutely needed for v1.0 of an implementors draft.

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