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2010-09-15 Meetup Notes

Page history last edited by Tantek 10 years, 5 months ago


  • Adina Levin, Social Text, Product Manager 
  • Chris Messina, Google, Open Web Advocate
  • Matt Wilkinson, Socialcast, Product Management
  • Jud V., Gnip, Co-founder
  • Jon LeBlanc, Yahoo
  • Julien, Superfeedr
  • Isaac S., Socialcast, Jr. Developer
  • Mark W. IBM, Emerging standards group
  • Martin A., SixApart
  • Sean C., Socialcast, Engineer
  • Monica W., Socialcast, Director of Engineering
  • Rob D., Microsoft Windows Live, Engineer
  • Tantek Çelik, Mozilla, microformats.org, Falcon 

Tentative Agenda

  • Julien - How to keep existing ids after Syndication

JSON Schema

Monica demo'ed http://activitystrea.ms/json-schema/

Martin on Registry

In the Atom form of Activity Streams, we relied on XML and URI's.  There seems to be a desire to have a registry model. Sep15-Meetup

Martin has built a prototype:

  • GIT Repo
  • YAML File
  • Verb, object type, object component, activity property
  • Each spec can have a YAML file
  • Wrote a tool which loads all of the YAML files and puts them together in one list
  • Flow is: Don't add a URL, use a standard label that has been reviewed by the mailing list
  • Question: What constitues "approved", what makes something "approved", how to make it fair?
  • Suggestion/discussion: people should have to submit a definition like http://activitystrea.ms/json-schema/verbs/update.json

--- Break for pizza dinner provided by Socialcast ---

  • Demo'ed "Activity Streams Registry"
  • Martin's vision: Someone would email a YAML file to to the list and someone with commit privileges could pick-up
  • Question: What about encouraging folks to

Atom Activity Extensions 1.0

Google is doing a final read but likely to sign OWFa

SixApart is planning to sign OWFa

We'll make final set of edits tonight

Mark on OpenSocial

Sometime in 2009, mark discovered Activity Streams (via Chris Messina)

IBM has been latching-on to the ASms JSON work

OpenSocial has REST API's / Endpoints for Activity Streams

Potential direction: 1. ASms in Atom 1.0; 2. ASms in JSON; 3. ASms in Atom 2.0 compatible with BOTH ASms in JSON and ASms in Atom 1.0

Mark has a very simple gadget that pulls the JSON stuff

Mark pushes "Open First" for his team's development

Search for #ActivityStreams for a tweeted pic

Stabilizing Activity Streams in JSON

?: What is the roadmap for stabilizing ASms in JSON?

Mark's ideal roadmap: Implementers draft Spring 2011, Stable Summer 2011 (See OpenSocial website)

Google Buzz has a small window soon to make a few breaking changes

Conversation about multi-word labels and underscores vs. came case

Inline'ing Replies and Re-actions

Desire is to have a separate list per-verb; you always want the who and when

Comment: I think we're going to confuse people with direct, indirect, etc.

Propsosal: Have a "comments" or "replies"

AND have reaction types (ex: "like", "favorite", "Re-tweet", "Digg", etc.

    "reactions": {
        "like": {
            totalResults: 5,
            items: [
                    ...activity with implied object and verb...
                    ...activity with implied object and verb...
                    ...activity with implied object and verb...
        "favorite": {
            totalResults: 3,
            items: [
                    ...activity with implied object and verb...
                    ...activity with implied object and verb...

In the spec, we need to clearly describe how COMMENTS are different and should NOT be in the reactions object

Question: What about "share" / "re-share" / "re-tweet" ?

Replies to a blog entry

Posting a comment on a blog entry in a blog is:

  • Verb: Post
  • Object: Comment
  • In-reply-to: Blog entry
    • Target: Blog

Related Object

If the semantics are strong, propose a property

If the semantics are weak, throw it in the bag of attachments


Could potentially be handled along the lines of Twitter annotations

Idea: Use verb "tag" with a type of person

Idea: Where you make the mention has the responsibility of subsequently posting the tagging activity

Suggestion: Table this until someone has a proposal; Tantek C. may work on one

ACL's / Authorization

The spec tends to be a wire format and have ACL's handled at a different layer.

See Privacy and Audience wiki page

Re: Gadgets

Try taking a look at Embed code; if it doesn't fit; consider proposing a new spec

Re-share / Via

User scenario: You see this thing coming through your stream and you

Elements: Credit, source, destination,

See: http://wiki.activitystrea.ms/Reshare

Buzz uses <blockquote> in the <atom:content> element for re-shares

Proposal: Have "activity" derive from "object" so that you could have:

verb: share

object: {  object-type: activity ... }

Negative Actions

There are two use cases:

  • Synchronization - For which FeedSync or Atom Tombstones may be useful;
    • With PoCo, recommended just merge and don't sync edits
    • Suggestion: sync protocol is out-of-scope 
    • Sync is out-of-scope  
  • Negative actions - Ex: Un-friend, delete a page, unfollow; This is not necessarily very common; IRC Log: left the room
  • Is there value in linking these? Potentially for sync'ing; but sync is outside the scope of "our mandate"
  • If you are saying, "I no longer care for this thing", here's how you say that
  • Potential case: Negatively interact with something (ex: "Bury" on Digg ? )

Keyword Tags

Suggestion: use <atom:category> at the <atom:entry>.

the <atom:category> could also potentially be used at the <entry><actvity:object> level IF there was a use case.

For JSON, "tags" needs to be added (and mapped to <atom:category> on the entry

Person Tags

Proposal from Tantek C. at: http://wiki.activitystrea.ms/person-tag

Alternate proposal: Enable tags to be objects instead of text's

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