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person tag

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How to person-tag a post

Real world examples

When you post an article/note/photo (e.g. in Facebook or Buzz), you can tag it at the same time with specific people.  The people tagging/mentioning is NOT a separate activity from the user (or user interface) perspective, but rather, part of the activity of posting.


Thus the people-tags (person-tag) or mention must be an annotation on the object which is being posted. 


Test case example

In the FSW SWAT0, actor A takes a photo of actor B and tags that photo with B.


Brainstorm proposal

2010-258 by Tantek Çelik at Sep15-Meetup


Atom has an existing facility for annotating a post (entry) with a "tag" - category. 


Use the atom:category element to annotate a post with a person-tag as follows:



 term: URI for the person

 scheme: "http://activitystrea.ms/schema/1.0/person"

 label: formatted name of the person


Atom markup example

(based on example from SWAT0)


Inside the atom:entry element for the activity, you would have atom:category element as follows:


<category xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom"
          label="Tantek Çelik"/>


A parser can detect that this category is a person-tag by the specific scheme value being an ActivityStreams Person. The label attribute provides the user visible text to be displayed, and the term string provides a URI to hyperlink the visible text.


hAtom markup equivalent

The following microformats fragment inside an hAtom hentry can be automatically parsed and converted to the above-mentioned <category> element.


<span class="vcard">
 <a rel="tag" class="url fn" href="http://tantek.com/">
  Tantek Çelik

The class name "vcard" on the span element implies an hCard (person or org, but given fn!=org here, it's a person)


The rel="tag" on a hyperlink which is also has the classname of "url" indicates that the person itself is a tag, and the href of that hyperlink is the term.


The classname of "fn" provides the label / display text for the person.


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